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Salvia Information

Here are some suggested books, organizations, and websites to find more information about Salvias. There is a link to a photo gallery of Salvia images and a slideshow tour of the extensive Salvia gardens at Cabrillo College. We no longer carry a selection of Salvias. The 'Hummingbird Gardening in the Upper Midwest' Website has a good list of sources. 

Information Sources & Links   Salvia Photo Gallery
Websites - A World of Salvias - An extensive site by noted Salvia expert and hybridizer, Richard Dufresne. There are many, many images, descriptions, and links to related sites.
Websites - The Cabrillo College Website - The Cabrillo College Environmental Horticulture Center Botanic Gardens has one of the largest collections of Salvias anywhere. The gardens are open to the public, the schedule and more information, including their annual plant sale, is on their website.
Websites - Robin's Salvias - Robin is Robin Middleton, an avid Salvia collector from the UK. His gallery of Salvia pictures from all over the world is just amazing.
Nurseries - Seedhunt - A small mailorder seedhouse in California, Ms Hunt has a large selection of Salvia seed. She has many species that are not commonly seen in commerce.
Nurseries - Digging Dog Nursery - They carry a wide selection of plants , perennials to shrubs, but Salvias is one of their specialties and they have a number of varieties that are not commonly found elsewhere.
Books - The New Book of Salvias by Betsy Clebsch - This is a 2003 update of her popular The Book of Salvias. A very good overview of most of the species in cultivation, with photos and drawings. Ms Clebsch has long been one of the most respected experts on all things Salvia. She draws on her many years of Salvia growing experience to produce a book with good mix of technical and practical detail. (available from Amazon)
These are images of Salvias I've taken over the years. The file opens in a separate window on the Google Picasa website. When you get to the Picasa site if you click on a thumbnail it will open a larger image. From there if you click "Full Screen" in the upper left corner it will open an even larger image.
Salvia Images Salvia Images
(opens in a new window on the Google Picasa site)

Cabrillo College Tour
In the summer of 2008 Cabrillo College hosted the first ever Salvia Summit, with participation by an array of international experts. I was able to attend ... this is a slideshow of the gardens there.
Cabrillo College slideshow Cabrillo College